Sunday, March 4, 2007

Beautiful Saturday and meeting Emily Falconbridge!

Chelsea, Emily and I (Please note that my hair was SO ORANGE in this picture that I had to change it to black and white! I was too embarrased and I have since colored my hair to the right color of blond! LOL!!!)

Emily and her friend, Chelsea (such cutie's, HUH!!!)

On Saturday, I met Emily Falconbridge (and her friend Chelsea) at Right at Home Scrapbooking. I had signed up to take a couple of Emily's classes earlier this month. She is such a warm soul! Just eccentric and goes with the flow! Emily's personality is super awesome and everyone in the class, when we interacted with her and Chelsea, it was like we'd known them all our lives!

I took a couple of Em's classes called "12" and "I Am / You Are" - "12" is a book designed to share memories for a full year. 12 months - 2 layouts for each month! It was so much fun painting! I later came home and worked on my book more.

Cute pic of Em's display of books at the class!

Did I happen to mention that it was so beautiful on Saturday? It had to be like in the high 50's! Nicest day we've had in awhile! We were able to hang out painted LO's out on the makeshift clothesline that Em put up for us!!!

Without further do, here are my LO's for the "12" book!!!


Anna-Marie Still said...

Love your book! I love how you journaled about when your book was made! You are so "shmart"! Have a great day!

The Parsons said...

holy crap...I cant beleive how much you have gotten done with your "You are" book and your "12" book. You are shmokin'!!! They both look gorgeous. And what the heck are you talking about your hair being weird...I loved it!!! It was so cool to meet you, what a fab weekend...

Emily Falconbridge said...

heee, you are a total rockstar! loved hanging with you - felt like you were an old friend!! your book looks VERY COOL so far, gold stars for you for getting this much done! keep sharing as you make each month - i love to see!
e xx

~*AMY*~ said...

LOVE the book girl - totally fab!
Was so excited to see your book that I dropped chinese down my shirt and am now picking rice out of my bra, sigh, that's how much I love your book!

Jennifer said...

Hey there - so fun and envious that you got to play with *e* :) BUT, I had a first birthday party for my son this past weekend - which was fun in itself!! Anyway, hope you're doing well, survived the dentist, and are staying warm!