Friday, March 30, 2007

May I present to you.....

Our bedroom!

Under that wicked old 13" tv, is a fish tank stand. I threw a sheet over it, to make it look somewhat like an armoire. And while it appears I have a small casket under the other sheet, it's really my digital piano, because as you can see, I have a cat that thinks it's HERS and I don't want kitty paws/litter/fung-goo on said digital piano!

The walls were already painted that maroon and cream color. It used to be our library/office/reading room. When we bought a new bed last year, I wanted it in a bigger room, so we swapped our bedroom and office.

I was on the verge of repainting it to something lighter when I fell IN LOVE with this comforter set! I LOVE PAISLEY'S! It's reversible too, with stripes!! I know it's kinda dark, but it seriously is calming and bring a sense of peace to me when I lay there at night, reading a book, trying to fall asleep. I firmly believe that the place at where you *rest*, needs to be balanced and soothing to the eye, because that is what keeps you calm and relaxed. Seems that the over-stimulation of this design can be a bit overwhelming, but really, its not!

Bed-in-a-bag - $45.00
Curtains - $20.00
Area rug - $30.00
Other decor - FREE, I already had it all!
Enjoying the new LOVELY colors and design = PRICELESS!

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The Parsons said...

i lOVE delicate see through curtains like that. it softens everything up and adds a romantic feel! good job Tanya!