Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today! ...of course it is...because I have to work all day!

Thanks to Ali Edwards, she posted this cool link for cool widgets for digital photos. It's from Big Huge Labs. I was playing with it all morning! Made this fun badge! I wonder if I actually printed this badge, then put it in a badge cover and wore it down in Boston, people would stop looking at me funny and quit thinking I'm a tourist when I am taking pictures of everything?!?!?!?!? Maybe I'd look like a PRO photographer! LOL!

FYI - I am slowly going to be moving all of my photos over to Flickr and ditching my smugmug acct. Flickr is much more groovy! AND CHEAPER!

Enjoy the day!

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~*AMY*~ said...

i am totally loving flickr...i have a obsession going on with it right now...mine is lorealle1903 :)