Thursday, June 21, 2007

An obvious trend...

Having been online, for like the past 12 years or so...I've noticed an obvious trend when posts are low in forums, emails are slow to be replied to, not many people are signed into their instant messenger proggies and blogs comes to a halt like Boston traffic at 8am.

Do you know what it is?


I had a few days off this past week, I must be the last person in the world that uses up their "personal time" before it goes bye bye at the end of June every year! I get like 4 days of personal time every year (like a pay day, on July 1, I gain 32 hours of personal time, but if there is any personal time remaining, they take it away, if I don't use it!) It just goes to show you how much time I DON'T take off from work! I'm strange. I conserve HOARD my time off. I think I've called in sick at my job like 2 times in the course of the last 10 years. It's good karma and I think I'm very healthy because of it!

During said time off, because I turned 35 this year, it was recommended that I have a mammogram, so that when I turn 40, there is a baseline at 35 to go from, in the event of anything changing in 5 years. It went well, other than it hurt like hell for a few seconds at a time...that's a lot of squishing and squeezing! It was one of those cool digital imaging machine's where you can see the results immediately. She said she didn't see anything abnormal. I'm thankful. But while I am thankful, I remind all women, that you should always do a self-breast exam every month and obviously have your yearly female exam. It may save your life someday!

I washed my car the other day too, only to have it POUR rain later that night. That's ok though, because it was the inside that was gross! I hadn't cleaned my car since January when we had record breaking temps and I decided to wash and wax my car in 50* weather in the dead of winter! Actually, my car wasn't "GROSS", it was just dusty. I would never let my baby get full of trash and dirt.

Saw this, this morning! AMAZING! I actually saw a video of his work on Yahoo, but Yahoo is smart and you can't "link" to their vids, so I found his website.

OK, so that's it for my boring morning!

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