Tuesday, July 17, 2007

4 days from now.....

I WILL BE IN NEW YORK CITY BABY! So can't wait to go on Saturday! This is my first trip to NYC evah! It's going to be a FOTO-fanatic weekend! Flying out of Bawwh-ston 630am Sat. morn, to JFK, shuttled to our hotel down in the Financial District on Lower Manhattan, we've got this cool package deal for a hop on, hop off tour bus for different places to visit like The Empire State building, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and a couple other places we could give a squat about. I know for SURE that this is going to be an excellent EYE STIMULATING VISIT!

In other news....I attempted to make homemade sushi last night and it was pretty successful! Rice came out great, the roll worked well and it tasted GREAT! Check it out here!!!

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Julie E. said...

Holy Cow girl...I didn't know you were so talented! LOL This looks awesome! I've never tried Sushi, but I'd be willing to try yours...it looks pretty darn good!