Sunday, July 29, 2007

Am I the only one that.....

Literally hates resizing photos so that I can upload them somewhere online like or else it takes days to get 100+ (5MB each) shots uploaded? I can't be the only one!

I avoid editing pics because I do like the natural order of things and photos capture life as it is. I do edit some pics to make some artsy creation like the last set of pics are the exact pics that I framed in a 9 picture frame that I hung on the wall of my "Wall of Art" (I should share a pic of that soon!) It's an ALL B & W wall of framed pics (minus the 1 cool wood chipboard martini art pc. I have hanging in the corner to break up the wall.)

In case you were wondering what I might look like as an M & M...

A.M. M &M:

After shower & coffee M & M:

What do you look like as an M & M? Click Here!

1 comment:

The Parsons Family said...

I play with all my photos but I love it! And it is a pain to have to resize them small for blogger! Thats how I filled up all my space before, I wasnt resizing! But I am a dutiful resizer now!!!