Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Had a great weekend in the Cape - the worst part about it was my self-inflicted sunburn and TRAFFIC! More later.

I've been playing over at Flickr - come take a lookie!!!

BTW - a few have asked when I will know the results of my biopsy - I had to reschedule the procedure to August 6th due to scheduling conflicts. It was suppose to be yesterday, but the Dr. got called away and then they rescheduled me for the 20th of July and I'm NOT having a biopsy done the day before I leave for NYC, so we bumped it up to August. Will keep you all posted.


Jen said...

Enjoy your trip to NYC! I'm sure you will enjoy it

Jen from SB.com :)

Julie E. said...

BIOPSY??? What's going on girl? Hope everything is okay...just wanted to stop by & let you know I was thinking about you. Love ya peep!