Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From the land of groggy...

Getting out the door at 6:30am was really early this morning for Paul and I! I had to be at the MRI Lab by 7:15am for all of my pre-MRI work - paperwork, IV's, all the grody shit.

The procedure/biopsy was fine, but I hate all the poking and prodding around in my "ladies".
Paul brought me home, I ate some crackers, went to bed to watch a movie, made it through 5 minutes and was out until 4:15pm.

I'll post when I hear something, which should be in a day or 2.

Until then...happy faces and positive attitudes!



The Parsons Family said...

get some good rest! watch lots of movies! Love ya

~*AMY*~ said...

positive...praying for ya...sending you ya girl