Friday, August 31, 2007


What seems like forever ago, Ali Edwards went to Japan for a CKU event (scrapbooking stuff/events for all you non-paper crafty peeps) and she brought along her friend Paolo Liloc, whom I believe to be an old friend from high school, who now resides in Washington.

Paolo's blog caught my attention as soon as Ali mentioned him and shared a link in her blog. Paolo's blog has become one of my daily reads since then!

Recently Paolo wrote this post and had a little music giveaway contest! Of course I entered! Who wouldn't want to have a taste of his music, after all I think Paolo is super groovy! It turned out that everyone won and we'd all get a CD, but one lucky person would get all 3 and he picked ME!


Last night, my girlfriend Tiffany texted me a pic of her and her friend at the Broncos game last night! SO COOL! Tiffany's livin' the life in Denver!


Was reading my Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine last night and came across this! Super cute for Mama's to put stickers on the kiddo's lunch bags, sammy's, etc. When I saw this, I envisioned scrapbooking somehow with it! LOL!


OK, so in the last month, I've watched 3 Sidney Poitier movies! Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, In The Heat of the Night and To Sir, With Love. I am NOT a fan of older movies, but one Saturday morning, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was on tv and Paul and I watched it and I was so into it! Honestly, I love the lessons that are taught in his movies!



paolo liloc said...

I think its great that even though Thurs was not so good, Friday was very GOOD. Things always find a way of balancing themselves out! So excited you won the CD giveaway! :) P

Julie E. said...

AWESOME!!! Congrats girl!!! Miss chatting with you. Got any plans for the weekend?