Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iTunes ramblings...

Funny, the first song on my iTunes shuffle this morning was a song by Chicane - Don't give up. It's a house/dance/progressive song that no matter what mood or slump I'm in...this song picks me up RIGHT AWAY!

Check out this cool video of the song! This was one of the coolest videos for the song on Youtube that I checked out. It's someone showing you a commute to their destination in L.A.! Pretty groovy! The video gets boring, but the song still ROCKS! Listen to it if you have 6-8 minutes!

If you have iTunes, what are your Top 10 most played tunes? Here's mine:

1. I Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters
2. If Everyone Cared - Nickelback
3. Working Class Hero - Green Day
4. I Need a Boss - Shareefa
5. Killing In The Name - Rage Against the Machine
6. Burning For You - Kreo
7. Don't Give Up - Chicane
8. Rhianna - Umbrella
9. High Roller - The Crystal Method
10. Friday Night - Lily Allen

Mostly, I have it set on shuffle or on a particular genre playlist, unless I go through my weird phases of CONSTANT REPEAT, which I am known to do (note top 10 tunes - every one of those are played more than 25+ times - and probably all in a row, too!)

I bought a new 4GB iPod Nano, I also have a 512MB 1st Gen. iPod shuffle (which mostly gets used on the treadmill - it has 1 playlist that I love for walking) - Anyways, the new 4GB - I've had it for like 2 months and of course I don't have any music on it! I have Janet Evanovich's Lean Mean 13 audio book on it! LOL!!! Which took up a TON of space...so that's coming off. I thought I'd like listening to an audio book while walking on the treadmill rather than reading the book. FORGET IT! I like reading much better! Time to go back to the library and pick up the book.

OH, I had an eye exam yesterday, picked out some new glasses [Metallica: Turn the Page is now playing] and I am so stoked to get them at the end of the week! Seriously, I've worn glasses for the past 6 years of my life - mainly because I have a killer astigmatism and I get headaches a LOT. They were creeping back in on me lately and I finally went in. I actually have a change in my scrip! Not that that is good news, but for the past 6 years, it's always been the same. I knew it was going to change just because things have become more blurry this past year - like signs, road signs, reading books, etc. AND, it wasn't DIRTY glasses! So, I'll show you all a picture when I get them!

Anyways - back to the new iPod...I need to organize my iTunes and load it up! My iTunes is a MESS! [Like, right now I am on shuffle and Tracy Byrd just came on "I'm From the Country" - WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?] Gotta laugh it off!

Well, I better boogie. I have to go to work soon - SO NOT IN THE MOOD! (Having a cold doesn't help)

What's on your iTunes?


~*AMY*~ said...

::sniff:: i dont have an ipod to tell you whats on mine...so sad so sad...maybe someday

Tanya said...

Amy, iTunes is free at apple.com, it's like a jukebox for your computer for your MP3's. Don't you have a bunch of MP3's on your computer??

~*AMY*~ said...

yeah we have mp3's on our computer for joeys and joes ipods, i dont do much with them though. joe was the MASTER of mp3