Monday, August 27, 2007

The overall goal...

Begins tomorrow!

For tomorrow (Tuesday August 28th) is surgery. I'll be headed over to the hospital at 9am, surgery is 11am and from there on out, I won't know a thing. This is the first time I've EVER had surgery, so I am a bit nervous about it. I hope they let me wear socks! I mean, I'm cool if I can't wear MY OWN socks, but I hope they provide me some kinda socks! I have to wear socks, man! I have this thing about feet and I need socks on!

I'm kind of in a daze as I type this, course that's due to the 2mg of Ativan I took about 30 minutes ago, to help me sleep. (If I don't take the Ativan to sleep, I will be up worrying about the anesthesia and socks issue all night! I didn't sleep much last night either!) I get 2mg more in the morning on the way to the hospital, because I'm gonna need it!

Anyways, so CHEERS to new beginnings and a safe recovery tomorrow from surgery, from here the healing treatment begins!


I'll update ASAP! Kisses!


Gawain said...

I'll be sending good vibes your way, Tanya!!!! And yes, you'll get to wear socks--they give you nice warm ones to wear.

Fabre said...

Tanya - you have been in my thoughts all week, will look forward to seeing you soon!