Sunday, September 9, 2007

Going back to work was GREAT!

I don't know if I have elaborated on what I do for a living....but I manage a group home for mentally retarded adults. My group of 5 women, are in their golden years (They call themselves "The Golden Girls") and are just the most 5 brilliant souls to work with! I kind of, for lack of a better word, run a mini-nursing home. I really missed them the past couple of weeks. They think I was on vacation and of course I have had to answer the "where did you go, what did you do, did you have fun?" questions. I told them I didn't go anywhere, that I just hung out with family and friends and took a break at home. My staff did such an excellent job while I was away, keeping the house running safe and sound. I just praised them so much the last few days.

Anyways, it was great to go back. I do love my work (some days are tougher than others) but I still enjoy going there everyday! I worked 10 hours on Friday and 11 Saturday and crashed for 12 hours last night! I had a lot of "paperwork" that needed to be done. That's the junk that is never going to go away. As soon as you get through one pile, another comes along. It's the nature of the work. I spent the last couple days just getting through it and moving on to other stuff. I worked a little extra so that when I go back Tuesday, I can focus on more important things after I have had a couple days rest. Don'tcha love going back to work for 2 days and then take 2 off and then go back into a normal routine? I LOVE THAT!

Weather was HOT and MUGGY the last couple days - WHEN WILL SUMMER GO AWAY? I am a fall/winter person. Never cared for the summer's that much - I can't remember a time when I did. I don't like the hot weather. We just happened to have a couple hot days before cooler weather started today! In my perfect world...temps would remain at 30*-75* (and yes, that's Fahrenheit!) I love snow! People think I'm WACK! I was so depressed last year that we didn't get much snow - we had under 20", I think and that was in late Feb-March or April.

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i am soooo glad your feeling better and that your back to work. that really is great girl!!!