Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oncologist visit.

I SWEAR I posted this yesterday! I mean, I even remember writing it and there is nothing there! DOH!
I met with my Oncologist yesterday - she was so cool and just down to earth. Totally made me (and Paul) feel at ease! There is so much stuff to factor into planning a treatment. I was super excited last week when my surgeon told me that her recommendation was to do nothing except follow-up with MRI's and Mammograms every 3 months. Then to meet the Oncologist who suggests hormone therapy + radiation and possibly chemo. The Oncologist will always err on the worst case scenario. I understand and am not oblivious to that. She has a point though: I am 35. 35 is too young to NOT take it seriously. Doing nothing puts me at 18.7% recurrence rate. Add some treatment of combo of treatment and I can be put in the under 3% recurrence rate.

Do I take a chance that this is a one time deal or do I go with the worst case scenario and take the recommended treatment so that the chances of this returning (which could be worst than the first time around) are somewhat alleviated?

Unfortunately, you can't predict cancer.


Gawain said...

Well babe, the choice is up to you. If it were me, I'd opt for the full course of post-op treatments. A 3% chance of recurrence is better than 18%. You're young, strong, and healthy, so you should bounce back in no time. Best of luck in making this difficult decision. Your friends support you no matter what you decide.

Jen said...

Lots of love and prayers being sent your way!

~*AMY*~ said...

oh girl...hugs! i agree with gawain, if it were me i would stay on the side of caution..you are only 35. but you know i will support any decision you make and keep you in my prayers always!!!