Monday, September 17, 2007

Wants and Needs:


Yes, I'm still obsessing about a new vehicle.
Yes, I was approved to go buy the vehicle I want.
Yes, I am trying to talk myself out of this.

I do not NEED a new vehicle, even though I WANT one and was just approved to go buy any new 2008 Honda Element SC. I do NOT need a higher car payment per month, even if I can afford it. The satisfaction of buying a new vehicle will pass within a month of buying said vehicle and wish the hell I didn't buy it. The fact that I am soon to be undergoing some form of cancer treatment in the next few months says it all. Don't make a sudden move, because this isn't a good time.

Solution: Go wash and wax "Singer" (my 2004 Honda Civic) and give her some TLC for even thinking of letting her go! (Her name is Singer, because of an old joke that my Singer sewing machine probably has more HP than my car!!)

Conversation is OVAH! ...and YES, I will rip up the check that is coming in the mail tomorrow!

1 comment:

~*AMY*~ said...

oh poor singer...i bet she was sooooo sad. did you give her a lot of tlc to make it up to her?

love ya girlfriend!!!!