Monday, October 22, 2007

OK, my body hurts!

Yeah - my body is hurtin' from all of that cleaning yesterday! SHEESH! I just hadn't done that kind of deep cleaning (you know - where you are on the floor, trying to vacuum under the bed and around the bureau's, under the desk, in the closets, etc!) in a few months and I am payin' for it today!

Went to see my Medical Oncologist today. Just reported back to her about the 2nd opinion I had with MGH and the tests they have performed and my upcoming Mammogram and Ultrasound next week. Basically today's visit would HOPEFULLY lay down a strategy for treatment. Radiation is a must. So will be meeting with the Radiation Oncologist November 5th to meet him and get started with radiation. I wouldn't start any kind of hormone therapy right away, so in the meantime, we're waiting on the results of the MRI (done), Mammogram (Oct 30), Ultrasound (Oct. 30) and any biopsies (?) that are done from the 2nd opinion before making a complete decision about the Tamoxifen and Ovarian Ablation.

I asked my Oncologist if she were in my shoes, what would she do..."Let's wait on the results of the MRI, mammo, ultrasound and any ordered biopsies - if it all comes back clear, which we expect it to at this time...I'd take Tamoxifen and probably do the ovarian ablation which shuts down the ovaries"

I just want a plan, so that I can incorporate that into my routine and put a bit of normalcy back in my life...whatever it is that may be. The holidays and winter are coming soon.

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Penny said...

Maybe by the time we are through being experiments for the medical community, someone will have figured out how to make having breast cancer more black and white, night and day. More "If this..." and "then that..." We have so many decisions to make, have to wait so long for tests and results and consultations. It's mentally exhausting, which puts you in that unfocused funk. I know it's not easy. Talk it through, Tanya, and if you don't like the options presented, talk to someone else. And for heaven's sake, STOP VACUUMING. You're giving the rest of us a bad name. XOXOX