Sunday, December 2, 2007

5/33 = 1 week down!

5 to go!

Week 1 of radiation was fine.

A lot of people ask me how I feel and I feel fine. I get asked a lot "what's it like"? And I tell them that I lay on a table that is adjusted for my upper body height, my arms go above my head and into a guide that keeps them there while I hold onto a little spongy like donut to keep my hands occupied as to not move my arms, then the radiology therapists line me up with a laser via my tiny tattoos (1 centered between my breasts and another is aligned to that tattoo, but on the side of my body) - once we're ready to go (this is the longest part of the daily process) and everything is on target, the therapists leave the room and I lay there watching a kick ass plasma tv with serene pictures of nature flashing through like a slide show and listening to my favorite XM Radio channel 82 (The System). I hardly notice the linear accelerator machine working or moving or delivering radiation to my breast.

I don't feel much - other than sometimes my breast feels like I am laying in the hot sun for a few seconds and it penetrates my skin. No pain though.

I take these few moments each day to concentrate on my breathing (as best I can), I try to think of calming things so that I can just relax. I do this, because for a few minutes each day, I can meditate and know that it'll be the best part of my day.

This place is so personable, pleasant and I never feel like a patient...I feel like a person. The staff there are all just so wonderful. For what it's worth, I just feel blessed.

In other news - it was really cold yesterday while I decorated the outside of my group home - just glad it's as done as it's gonna get. I think winter is here! We might even get a few inches of snow tonight and to

Tomorrow, I'll show you the cute advent calendar I made for this year. I just have to take pictures of it!

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