Sunday, December 9, 2007

My day...

1. YUM-O! My fave Christmas coffee!, 2. Entering the nursery, 3. Trees at the nursery, 4. Nursery - picking out a tree, 5. baskets of goodies, 6. Pinecones, 7. Poinsetta, 8. Nostalgic Santa's, 9. Christmas pretties, 10. Holly wreaths, 11. Pretty wreath, 12. Holly wreath, 13. Kissball, 14. berries, 15. The perfect tree!, 16. Our tree

My day started out pretty bad - I was just in an all around bad started with Paul hollering at the cat from the shower really loud to "shut up" at 6:45AM (I can sleep through cat meowing, alarms and other softer tones - but a phone rings or a man yells at a cat and I'm awake for the day). I turned my frown upside down, when we went out to look for the "perfect" Christmas tree. This is the first time I'd EVER went out to look for a tree (maybe I did as a child, I really don't remember - I tend to repress those memories) and it was so magical! Just had a great time and I was snapping pictures while Paul took care of getting the tree peeps to cut and bag up the tree and all that fun stuff.

How bout them Pats tonight! WICKED! 13-0 BABY!

The Advent calendar pic I took of today's message didn't turn out real well, so it said "Make something homemade today; whether it be food or something crafty" - I'm sure at 9pm you're going to rush out and do that right now, right!

I'll snap a pic of the lights outside our house tomorrow night - we're suppose to get a little bit of snow tonight - the white will make it glisten and make it pretty!


Penny said...

Fabulous pics, beautiful tree! Looks like the day turned itself around, eh??

Gawain said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, Tanya. You guys got a beautiful tree....I'm jealous. My little Christmas shrub is so tiny. I wish I had the room for a big old flaming bush. :-)