Monday, December 3, 2007

PFFFT! They call that the first STORM of the season?


OK, I kept waking up between "crazy" dreaming and being too hot to look out the window to see if we got anymore snow. NADA! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Speaking of being too hot and crazy dreaming....the past few years I'd lay in bed and FREEZE because I was so cold - I even went to bed with extra clothes and socks to keep warm. So, towards the end of the year, I purchased an electric blanket - PURE HEAVEN! I totally forgot this year that when my body temperature was too warm, I'd dream all night long or whatever the hell you want to call it and I'd get no rest. It was just about the time that I put away the blanket for the season and went to no blanket that I realized that I could sleep better through the night.

SO this year, I thought I won't go through that again - I'll turn on the blanket to warm the bed and turn it off when I crawl in bed and I won't be so hot through the night. Yeah, um ok...that's not working either! I'm keeping the bed to hot with my body temperature! I'm dreaming all night long - I wake up all the time and here I thought it was just stress.

The upside to all of this? The warm bed helps me fall asleep faster. I used to lay awake in bed for hours - damn insomnia!

Tonight...I shall turn the blanket way down and see if that helps. If not - I'm pulling the plug!

Anyways... Treatment 6/33 done and over with! The only downside was having to go out at 8:30am on my day off from work...Oh well - only 4 more of those Mondays to go!

Advent Day 3: How funny that this one says this on a day like today!!

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