Monday, December 24, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know!

I'm lazy! If I had ate about as much as I blogged this week, I'd have lost a few pounds...unfortunately, that's not the case!

Been a week since I posted? That's what I said to myself after the 5th email I received from my fellow friends, to make sure I was ok! Yup, I'm ok! About as OK as you can get, sitting around doing nothing for the next 10 days just made my energy level RISE to the occasion! OK, so I slept 12 hours on Saturday into Sunday and I was wide awake most of the night last night (or was that Paul's snoring?)

Radiation update: 20 treatments down, 13 to go...if I look at the calendar and filter through the wonky holiday schedule, that puts me at the finish line on January 11th unless the Dr. decides otherwise!

I recently splurged on myself for a little bit of spa-like therapy. I purchased a full set of Herbal Packs. I got 2 eye covers, a mint pillow, shoulder wrap, back belt, and herb pack. Really LOVING this set and putting it to good use!!!

It's Christmas Eve and tradition here is to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas!" I love watching when Schroeder is playing the piano and all the characters are dancing all funny and silly on stage...that's the best part besides Charlie Brown's poor little Christmas tree! for the advent calendar...I was posting my daily advent calendar pics, until I accidentally deleted the folder that the pics were in and I just decided not to retake the pics again. Being a Gemini sometimes overrides my OCD (Obvious Compulsive Difficulties!)

Merry Christmas!!

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