Friday, January 11, 2008


This morning, my "Club Radiation" membership expired. Sorry, won't be renewing this one!

So, I'm all done with radiation! WOOHOO! Ya know, it was an experience. Sure, I hated sitting in morning traffic for 30-40 minutes on average to go 8 miles most mornings...but seeing the BEST radiation therapists around was a super highlight of my went by pretty fast, actually. Met some great people, left a huge impression on many!

My skin had healed already by Friday. I had blistered pretty badly under my breast and I thought I'd never recover! But, with a little TLC, it did!

I feel fine, most of my energy is back to normal, or so it seems. I'm not in bed before 8pm every night anymore.

My friend Penny and I went out for some brews last was a great time! [PENNY! I woke up this morning and realized we didn't talk about the *you know what* for in 2 weeks when your membership expires!!!!]

So, the next phase (this is the one that scares me the most!!!) is I meet with my Oncologist on Monday and we'll discuss hormone therapy, the possibility of ovarian ablation and the fact that I do not have the desire the produce children (tubal ligation). All 3 of these situations bring up one huge problem: POTENTIAL WEIGHT GAIN! Christ, I already gained 35 lbs when I quit smoking...I took 18 off before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and you can guess where those 18 went from there...right back on my hips and ass! I'm currently researching hypnotherapy for weight loss. More on that later.

So, cheers! Radiation is done for me. Penny has 2 weeks left to go - ALMOST THERE GIRL!



Penny said...

Nice re-do on your masthead with the 2008 theme. Yea, while I look forward to having my membership expire it would be nice to find a way to stay connected with those good people. They've helped save our lives--as dramatic as that sounds, it's true. It's another step toward a better tomorrow (Gawd, sounds like I'm marketing the chemical industry, doesn't it??)

Tanya said...

I want a job there! Dr. H said to me on Wednesday...something about hating to see me go or something like that and I was like "Are you offering me a job"? He giggled!

I'd love to be an "office girl"!

The Parsons Family said...

wooo hooo, good job girl. Its been a week since i checked your blog and when I read you were done with radiation it made me happy. Hope all continues to go well...