Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is not going well!

Fridge tragedy #3 - thought we'd quit going to Best Buy to look at refrigerators and head over to Sears - who PROMISED Paul that "this fridge" WILL FIT up the stairs and through the doorway. So yesterday while I'm at work, I get a text message on my phone and swearing started to consume my screen! The delivery drivers wouldn't even take the fridge out of the box, he measures the stairs and and says "NO WAY, it won't fit."

Still no fridge here at the 53-Apt.3 - Frustration has ensued. We know that the fridge will fit, hell, 3 years ago a MUCH larger fridge made it up the stairs AND DOWN from tenants prior. I really think that Best Buy and Sears - they don't give a shit, ya know! So, we've decided to not go with the top name brand store, we're going to go local, where maybe the underdog cares about their customers and making the sale and making the customer satisfied!

In other news...not much going on around here! Worked a ton this past week with almost 100 hours in! Settling down for the game today, got my lucky t-shirt on - GO PATS!

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