Friday, February 22, 2008

Is anybody else...JUST PLAIN OLE TIRED?

Could this winter drag on a little more? Honestly, you all know me as the freak that loves winter, but I have to admit, I too, can get overwhelmed with cold, wind and snow and rain! Especially when it starts in early Dec. and doesn't let up all year!

Yeah, we're expected to get about 5"-9" by end of tonight...JOY!

In other news, I did go on that interview on Tuesday, it went great, although I found that after a couple days, the position just became less and less interesting to me, so I called to thank the Director that interviewed me and let her know that I just needed to be fair to myself and look at my options before jumping into any job that might not be the best suit for me or them. She said she could definitely appreciate that! The position was for a Program Director of a Day Hab for MR adults. 42 of them to be exact, the money was better, the hours were better in a small sort of way, but in the end, all I could think of was "PURE MISERY" after the dust settled a few months into the job. So, I had to be honest with myself and say that I may be a bit burned out at my current job, but the PROS outweigh the CONS by a landslide!

Thanks gawd I learned to think things through in a particular manner at my age....Cuz 10 years ago, this would have been sheer disaster!

In other news...I don't have anything exciting to share except that come Sunday, I'm getting my remote starter installed in my car!! (Sure, just after winter is about over, I finally get it installed!!) We'll still have a few cold days, I'm sure of it!



Penny said...

Honey, I will teach you how to set the air conditioning, so you can climb into a nice, cool car on a hot and steamy August afternoon. Your iced Dunky won't melt quite so fast.

Julie E. said...

ROFL- this is coming from the girl who LOVES winter??? Oh, you crack me up girl!!!! I'm so sick of winter (and it hasn't been near as bad here) that I could scream!!! Hang in there sweetie- spring is around the corner. Oh, BTW---thanks for visiting my blog!! ;)