Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Luck ran out apparently!

OK, so we donated our old Lazy Boy sectional to my group home, in hopes that we'd buy a new leather love seat and a couple chairs with ottoman's for our living room. We purchased just that, locally and let me tell you what...between buying a refrigerator and furniture, I've really had it with delivery people. We just had 2 delivery guys bring our loveseat up 3 flights of stairs and they tore the hell out of it in 3 places. These guys didn't give a shit at all! They were RUDE and they bolted like lightning once Paul and I both started making a HUGE stink!

I don't understand...the fridge was way bigger and it got up here ok!

I will say that the place we bought it at are more than happy to replace the torn furniture, their customer service is STELLAR...but these delivery guys...I am really sick of them in so many ways!


Gawain said...

Hey Tanya! That totally blows about the damaged furniture, but at least the store is going to make it right. I finally updated my blog for you. LOL.

Even though I don't post much, I still do follow your blog daily and I think about you often! Much love and hugs your way.

Tanya said...

Your the best!