Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mini vacay coming soon!

Saturday April 12th 8pm, I'll officially be on my mini spring vacay. I'm not doing anything exciting - unless you think that spring cleaning is exciting...and painting and reorganizing a couple of rooms to be more useful.

I rarely take a lot of time off at once...I'm more of a long weekend kinda gal - take a short trip somewhere for a night and come back or hang out at home and watch tv, scrapbook, go on little photo journey's. You could say I hoard my vacation time!

But I actually took this time off for 2 reasons: 1. de-stress from work and 2. spring cleaning. We threw a short trip to Vermont in there at the end on the 19-20th. Going to go up to see the Magic Hat Brewery and eat at a place called Bove's - Bobby Flay did a Throwdown with this guy - Bobby won, but the Bove's should have - their lasagna looked INCREDIBLE! We actually had been wanting to throw in a weekender in VT for some time - we finally decided to just do it and go.

It's also like that time to get the back yard in order and cleaned up and ready for summer get togethers...time to get the car clay barred, washed and waxed, too! It's gonna be a long spring cleaning!!

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