Friday, October 17, 2008

History has a chance to repeat itself!

I've been rather quiet about the Sox in the playoffs - maybe to not jump the gun on game 1 and to not cry about losing 3 more in a row.

I put on the game at work last night, saw that in the 2nd inning, we were already down by 2 and by the time I went back to the 7th, it really appeared to be over with 7-0 and Tampa leading. I shut the game off. It's over.

I read the news just a few moments ago...and what do ya know! OUR BELOVED RED SOX DID IT! 8-7 SOX! We're headed to Tampa!


In other news, I probably won't get to see the games, unless they are playing in a bar in Vermont...Paul and I and 4 of our friends are headed up for a 3 days weekend in Vermont! Can't wait to see the foliage, drink beer, eat lasagna and maybe catch a game or 2!

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Julie E. said...

I'm not a loyal baseball fan, but I heard about this game! Wow- amazing!!! Have a great time girl! Wish I could be there with you, we'd have a ball!!!