Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Support Systems

When diagnosed with a particular disease, sometimes the news alone is a devastating blow, what about learning about the disease or what options you have in the course of treatment or questions to ask your doctor, who can you talk to, is there anyone out there like me? Is there support out there for me? YES!

Last year, I was invited to attend a support group with others, who like me, were recently diagnosed as well. I walked away from the first group session and vouched I'd never go back, week to week, I'd still say the same thing...but I went back. It wasn't until the final group session, that me and Penny bounced and got the hell outta there! The group was diverse, some young, some older, some with this type and others with another type, some did this treatment and others did another. Week by week, I felt like we were in a Breast Cancer class with a little support thrown into it. It wasn't my bag of beans, but the important part is this...I walked away with 2 breast cancer sisters and today, WE ARE OUR SUPPORT! We made our "support what *WE* wanted it to be!

We agreed that the support group that our Breast Care Center puts on was not our bag of beans, that we probably wouldn't be attending any more "survivor" meetings in the future, rather once every 6-8 weeks or so, we meet on a Sunday for breakfast at our favorite little diner and talk about how we're doing and what's new and how our Dr. appts are going, etc. It's the best 2 hours, in the best company!

Without further ado, check out these beauties! That's Penny on the left and Deb on the right. We lean on each other if we need someone to talk to, we email each other when we're frustrated with something (like breast cancer campaigns!!) or need to blow off steam, but most importantly, we're friends and we support one another not only about our cancer, but life in general.

I highly recommend that if you have been diagnosed (or know someone that has) with Breast Cancer, get into a support group, if the group isn't your thing, see if you can walk out of the group with a friend to have by your side or try other groups in your area.

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