Thursday, December 4, 2008

21 and having fun! BUT it's really 20 days to go!

I think I screwed up my dates as to "how many days are left before Christmas" - eh whatevah!

Still him-hawing over the Christmas cards, but thanks to AMY TANGERINE, her super cute card ideas over at the American Crafts blog was SUPER CUTE and I think I might lift her "mittens" card idea!

LOOKY! We're gettin' some snow! I didn't get a paper written yesterday, by golly, but I sure got me a new shovel and some ice melt to start the season off right!!!

OH and I will be done with school 12/13/08 - one week kids, one week! I can't wait to get a break! I will update all of my Vermont pics and LO's and other great stuff when I am done with finals, Mmmmkay?

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