Monday, December 1, 2008

25 and counting!

Welcome to December!

I was trying to make up a tune about Christmas cards to the theme of "O Christmas Tree"...and's just too damn early in the morning to be thinking like that!

Speaking of Christmas cards...I go through the same dilemma every year...should I make or should I buy and if I make them, what should I do and if I buy them, where should I get them, blah blah blah. (That is more of a dilemma of which charity do I choose to buy my cards from) Last year I bought 3 boxes of cool cards, I like them a lot...but the envelopes faded from pink to a dusty rose. UGH!

I'm beginning to think that the Christmas tune would be easier at this point! LOL!

Bring on the snow! I'm waiting!


Laurajean said...

Hey Tanya...thank you so much for the GutterGirlz Package, I got it right before heading out to Disney on the 23rd of Nov....I just got back lastnight...can't wait to break it out and use it......I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ;)
BTW, Lovin' your blog ;)

jenniferp said...

hey girl.
got your comment about the this is me blog.
give me an email whenever you have a chance!
no worries!
you are more than welcome to stop by the old bloggy!
hope you had a great thanksgiving.
jp. :)