Monday, January 19, 2009

What I did on my time off!

So, I've been off work since Thursday afternoon for a much needed 4 day weekend.
  • I've holed myself up in the house pretty much for 4 days straight!
  • I've left the house once and that was for dinner at a friends' house Sat. night for a couple hours
  • I went outside to shovel the snow this morning so that it's done and over with. My boots got filled with snow, there was so much! As of today, we've had snow on the ground for 1 month and it feels like 3! I think we got another foot of snow since yesterday
  • I cleaned my scrap room and organized my paper and supplies...I found cool stuff I forgot about!
  • I made a new mini book called "She" - I'll share later
  • I organized a ton of my photos, I put a bunch on an SD card for our digital photo frame
  • I'm still waiting on the vet to call about Smokie's urinalysis


~Kristen~ said...

Damn girl!!! Talk about productivity!!! I need some of that mojo to rub off on me!

Penny said...

Time off? What's that?? CONGRATS!