Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey Monday!

Monday's seem to be the magic day these days to get a blog post in! Since I've started school again and with other things going on, it's like one of those days I "think" to post!

Friday night I did my first Sub-Q treatment with Smokie and it went fine. The hardest part was poking him with the needle, that thing is HUGE! I had the support of my friends who came over to help, and we all went for a much deserved drink afterward!

I didn't stay up to finish watching the game last night, I was just too tired to care. The whole time though, I was pulling for the Cardinals, the underdogs. I see that they came up a tad short when I looked at the news this morning. BUT, it was a good game, from what I watched of it and it is what it is.

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