Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It just tastes better with whole milk!

OH how I miss whole milk in my diet! I used to live on that stuff, seriously! Back in the day, all that was in my refrigerator was a gallon of whole milk, bottles of water, and a bottle of ranch dressing! The ranch was for the occasional hot wings and the milk had special dates with the box of cereal (probably Rice Krispies) or it was goin' in my coffee!

I just ate some Rice Krispies, my fave cereal ever, and I had it with 1% milk, which is a definite upgrade from skim milk. However, it is NO CONTEST to whole in all its milky glory!

In other news, I took my sweet Smokie Mokie to the vet on Monday and he gained a few ounces and his blood work came back great! He is almost back in the normal range again and we'll just keep up with the sub-Q treatments 2x/week, his special diet and come back in 3 months! HOW GREAT IS THAT NEWS!?!


~Kristen~ said...

So happy that Smokie is doing well!!! :-)

Anna-Marie Still said...

Poppin' in to say hi! It's been so long! Just did a quick scroll through your posts to catch up with you a bit - glad things are going well!