Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vaca Day 1

I'm off from work until March 17th. I spent almost all of today on the computer working on some digi stuff for a book I am having printed eventually from one of our trips to Vermont this past year. I did a couple LO's about Abigail today, too. I'm in another one of Jessica Sprague's Digi classes: Digi in Deep.

It was like 60* out today! WOW! But would you believe that I didn't really pay attention to it, probably because I'm used to being cooped up in the house all damn winter. Speaking of winter...more snow tomorrow! 1"-3" - no biggie, but just enough to annoy me!

I intend to get all of the supplies tomorrow, to paint our bedroom on Wednesday. Going with a light and dark combo of some sort. Something neutral that will work with anything...and I vouch to never paint with the color maroon again!

Got back in touch with an old friend from high school this week. I think Kim and I have been friends for about 22-23 years! We've lost touch a couple of times, life just gets in the way but am so happy she threw me an email last week!

Off to change the blog scenery again! I just love House of 3's Couture!


Tom said...

What about that nice new guy you met Friday night while talking to Kim...Tom! :~))

Tanya said...

I'll make that judgment call when we go to Buffalo, as to how nice you are!

Tom said...

We can't let time get-in-the-way. I'll look through this site tomorrow?????? Where are all the pictures of you???????

Your "new" friend, TOM!