Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vaca Day 3

Didn't get the first coat of color up in the bedroom last night, like I wanted to. Paul said it was best to let that 2nd coat of primer dry really well.

Today I should be able to get a coat up this morning and then another coat in the evening. Depends on how it dries, it's going to rain most of the day. I'm getting excited! Most of the prep work is done, just have to slap up the color and call it good.

Been in a standstill about bedroom furniture though. Paul's mom and I were looking through the online catalog yesterday (she and I are headed to IKEA tomorrow to pick everything out, then Paul and Steve will go back to IKEA on Saturday and pick up all of the big pieces (bed, dresser, etc.) I started looking at the bed sizes that go in the frames and we have a pillow-top Sealy spring mattress and I'm not so convinced that it will fit in the bed. IKEA furniture is made about a 1/2" to 7/8' smaller than regular beds and if you have a spring mattress, it may not fit. I'll make all final decisions tomorrow when I get to IKEA and can talk with someone about it. The back up plan is to get a platform bed that any bed can go on. Decisions! Decisions!

I went over to HomeGoods yesterday and found the quilt that I've been "drooling" for! It is so pretty! Once I saw it about 2 weeks ago, I knew it was the inspiration for our bedroom...I just wasn't convinced I wanted to spend $70 for it! BUT, I did yesterday because I went back and it was still there. I knew it was meant to be for me! It was still $70!

I took before pics and realized that I should have just changed over my lens on my SLR to take wider shots (I was too lazy), I was trying to take shots on my 50mm and I couldn't get wide enough angles, so I opted to use the point and shoot nikon and I hate that freakin' camera! It takes the crappiest inside shots!

Here's the pics...crappy shots included!

The wall colors. Seriously this is a BAD representation of the colors I picked out. This swatch looks like a freakin' cappuccino , the brown is more of a grey-brown, no so chocolaty and the light color doesn't look like a version of dusty rose. It's a very light non-yellow cream color. You'll see it soon enough on the walls.

THE QUILT! OMG is she not the most beautiful things you've ever saw?

WARNING! Paul can't hang up his clothes in his closet, he had recently turned the treadmill into a clothing rack and we look like we live like the Beverly Hill Billies - We got LAZY and didn't care anymore and this room became the room to throw all the shit in that we didn't want to use!

Before 1

Before 2 (SLR)

Before 3

Before 4

Getting there 1

Getting there 2


~Kristen~ said...

OMG that quilt is fabulous!!! And I think it will look amazing with the colors you chose! Can't wait to see the finished pics!

~Kristen~ said...

And how has Smokie been doing? I hope well!!!