Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a Facebook thing!


Updated: 7/13/09

Things I will be doing while I am not here blogging this summer:

Sew something cool - checked out a great book from the library: Sew What! BAGS! on a recommendation from How About Orange!
6 week summer class - Business/Corporate Law - DONE!!!
Scrapbook more! DONE!
Make 2 special "albums" (I forgot what the special albums were?)
Go on at least 2 Boston Walking/Photo tours- 1 photo walk done!
Read all of the Twilight series - DONE!!!
Paint the kitchen - SOON!
Paint the kitty's room - I cleaned it, half counts!!!
Revamp the office - FAIL!
Revamp the back porch - FAIL!
Clean out my closet - DONE!!!
Paint ceiling medallions and hang them on a wall
My kid sister is coming August 1-5 from Fargo, ND - DONE!

In the meantime...I'm over at Facebook - where it's the hip-cool place to keep up with your peeps!

Don't worry, I'll be back when summer is ovah! (Or before, if I have something cool to share!!)

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