Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Was reading one of my most favorite blogs this afternoon, Emily Falconbridge, and decided that we all need to stop what we're doing and get out and have a fun day each month - something different that you wouldn't normally do! I don't care if you have $1,000 or ZERO $$, 2, 3 or 10 children, no children, a FT job, no job, winter or summer...YOU CAN DO THIS!

Life gets busy, life gets boring, life gets sad, life gets crazy, life gets...OK, we get it! Life throws us all kinds of daze - some good, some bad, some crazy, some sad. But I think we forget to stop and get out there and enjoy what a beautiful planet we live on and take a day to JUST BE, JUST SEE, JUST DO, JUST BE YOU!

I declare one day a month, you shall go out and see the world. Go on a day trip, have a picnic in your backyard, go eat cupcakes, visit the park, visit a town or city you have never been...whatever you want to do, I want you to promise yourself to get out there and have FUN! We'll start in April. Plan a FUN DAY, document your fun day (photos, scrapbooks, a documented story, etc.) and come back here to share your fun day - maybe you have a blog, you can link me, maybe you post your pics on flickr, you can link me...First have your fun day and we'll go from there!

Are you IN? Share with your friends, leave a comment, share my blog link, have your friends comment! I'll think up of a fun way to have some sort of a challenge prize if this is something that takes off!

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