Thursday, April 29, 2010

WHAT? Huh? It's almost May?

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit this month! Been working, looking for a new job, wedding planning, and even got out of town for a few days with friends!

I had an interview again today, for a position with my company that I work for. Not sure it's a position I want, we'll see if they can work the salary out a bit to get me what I want and I'll consider it.
I'm still waiting on a position I applied for with another company. Let's see...I put in my resume around mid-March, got an interview early-April, told that it'd be about 3 weeks before they would make a decision. I called 2 weeks in to check-in, they said they had a few more interviews to conduct and would get back to me, then I get a call yesterday from the HR department and I get the "Ray told me to call you to let you know that we have a few more interviews to complete..." I ask how much longer, she says she doesn't know. Not feeling too good about getting this position considering the run-around I am getting. I was also highly recommended for this job by some super great "important" people...not feeling it. It was also the highest paying job.

A group of us went to Burlington, VT for a weekend getaway April 23-25. We stayed at the Hilton (a great hotel, I might add!) which was within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to go in downtown Burlington. It was a fun time! We went to the Red Square, Juniors Pizza, Vermont Pub & Brewery, Akes Place, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, Magic Hat, Bove's, Nectar's and a bunch of fun stuff in between! We saw DJ Craig Mitchell and Toussant the Liberator - definitely a great time!

Wedding planning is well underway!I'm going to put that in another post!

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