Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Invites & Dresses & Skype & Photobooth

WOW! Who knew envelope shopping could be such a pain in the ass! I've spent the last few months searching for envelopes (and paper) for our invitations - decisions! decisions! Metallic, plain, textured, linen! I'm waiting on a few more samples to come from another envelope company and hopefully I can make my decisions. Sizes are a pain, can get one color in one size and you can't get the other color in another size!

The only part that I am having someone else do is the printing of the actual invite. Staples charges 16 cents per page to print and a few extra bucks to cut. The rest I will make all by me onsie!

I love the handmade look although I had considered ordering them on more than one occasion. I considered finding an artist to make them, and I've considered buying a little letterpress machine/kit. I still love the letterpress idea, however I would unlikely use the machine much (or I don't think I would) after the wedding. Everything that is done for the wedding really will have a handmade touch to it. I ♥ that!

OK, I've gone through phases of dresses - from formal to informal, from one color to another. Bridesmaid dresses are all set (I think). My dress...well I've decided on a style that I think works for my body shape. Now, I need to know what color. I will NOT be wearing white and most likely will NOT be wearing ivory. I'm drawn to color and feel like I want to be that bride that turns her back to the white/ivory wedding dress! i want to go to the opposite side of the color wheel and wear either a light gold, light gray or black. How would you judge me in those colors? Would you judge me at all? Would you say "FUCKIN-A, what a bold move, she wore black! I LOVE IT!"

I have out of town friends that I know won't be able to come to the wedding. I totally get it! Money is tight, vacation time is never enough, things come up. I will not be upset if my out of town friends and family cannot come. So, we have been considering skyping the wedding live! We're also videotaping the wedding which Paul will edit and make into a DVD to share with others, too. Have you ever heard of a wedding being broadcast over the internet like that? Are there better sites than just skype?

I ♥ photos! I was thinking of putting together a photobooth at the reception where anyone and everyone can take photos of themselves and be weird and funky and whatever! All I need is a few things to set up the background and lighting, I have the tripod and camera. Is this fun or what?

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