Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

I have received so many awesome comments on our invitations! It makes me feel so good to hear them! You know, the invites were one of the things that I used to set the tone for the wedding. I wanted a homemade look and feel, not too formal, but elegant and shabby!

  • I am customizing a small program that Paul's nieces Ashley and Kristen will hand out as guests come in the front door of the church
  • I am customizing a small menu card that will be tucked into the napkins at the tables - so guests know what is available on the buffet
  • I am customizing note cards for guests to write us a blessing, advise, or a congrats - in lieu of a guest book. I will leave the note cards on the tables and ask the guests to write on them and put them in a special place at the reception - I'll make a special kind of box for these to go in!
We are starting to get some RSVP's back  in the mail, already. This is so exciting! We love getting the mail everyday to see who's coming. I have a special little spot tucked away on my shelf with all of the RSVP's. Yes, I intend to make them a part of our wedding scrapbook!

Speaking of scrapbook...I started one right away and have saved all of the little details from engagement cards from friends and family, to picking colors for the wedding, blog addresses of the favorite spots I've visited that helped inspire our wedding theme. I'll print off my blog posts and add pictures of everything to make a complete memory book of everything. That's what a scrap booker does! We preserve memories and tell our story!

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