Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Knowing: Exercise + Moving More

The Knowing, is a mini-series in my weight-loss journey - it's a way for me to say out loud, what I know and find a way to change because of it.

Exercise and Moving More - this one is a toughy. Being overweight, and finding extra energy in the day is hard. Yes, I know this is considered an excuse, too. I'm tired by the end of the day because I have a job that not only is emotionally + mentally straining, I'm on the go all of the time. I didn't say I was physically strained, I'm just on the go.

I belong to 2 gyms! Crazy, I know! I belong to Planet Fitness right next to my house because it's $10/month and 4 of us belong to that gym, so we can go together. I also belong to the YMCA in Reading, MA. I love their pool and aqua instructor. I pay a hefty monthly membership fee, but in my opinion, it's worth it. WHEN I GO, THAT IS!

Planet Fitness offers weights, bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and strength training. The YMCA offers the same, plus the pool. I've gone to the YMCA for about 3 years now. I did really well when I used to go swimming before work (my optimal time of day), I went to aqua aerobics Tues + Thurs from 9am-10am, then headed to work. It was nice and I loved it. It didn't last because I usually ended up getting called in to work before 9am most mornings. Again, an excuse.

I now go to the YMCA on Sunday's from 12-12:45 for an aqua fitness class, but I can find every excuse to stay home, too. (Like I did today!) I also signed up to go to an evening swim class on Tues + Thurs nights, but I'm usually dead tired when I get home those nights to drive 17 miles back to the gym. It's a 730-815pm class. I rarely make it.

COMING NEXT: "Knowing: I'm not full, so I keep eating"

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