Tuesday, December 6, 2011

still working on it!

Trying to be in the Christmas spirit, but for some weird reason it just doesn't "feel" like it! Might have something to do with the 60* temps we have for the past month! It feels more like spring! Anywhoo, I'm still working on my December Daily project, slowly but surely. I've written all of the journaling down in a word doc, and I've taken a lot of pictures. I'm collecting some small things for my book, too.

Not sure what I'm waiting for to put it all in my book, but this is typical of how I do some things, I wait until I have a large amount of things to put together and then I roll with it, rather than doing it day by day! (This is a HUGE reason why I never attempt Project Life, or 365 projects // I simply don't keep up with them!)

I saw this cool Handmade Holiday at ShopRuche.com - it has some super cute ideas. Cheggit out!

Are you into those big huge "letters" like I am? I saw a cool tutorial (from Pinterest, of course) and here is the link on how to make them: Letter Art - I really need to get on this project before our 60* weather loses steam!

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