Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We're all capable of change. I'm not very good with personal "planned" change. This is something I struggle with every year as I choose to set new resolutions goals I'm likely to forget give up by the 2nd or 3rd week of the January! I know, my attitude is probably half of my battle. BUT, I go in with good intentions and that's counts for a good start. I'd like to work on the maintaining and sticking to my set/planned goals this year.

So without further ado, I declare my New Year Manifesto of Goals:

Twelve in Twenty-Twelve - A Project of Goals:
Lose at least twelve pounds
Bake 12 different things from a recipe
Make 12 projects
Post on my blog at least 12 times a month
Make a 2012 photo book
Try 12 new recipes for dinner
Read 12 books
Write 12 snail mail letters and send
Enjoy 12 fun things to do
Throw out 12 things I don’t need
Learn to quilt
Go to the gym at least 12 times a month

My goals are both fun and serious. Serious meaning losing at least 12 lbs and getting to the gym, fun is everything else. I went with the pick 12 things theme and I had been thinking about them for the last couple months. I really want to try to bake - something I guess. I like breads, cakes, cookies and by making them from scratch means I can make a small amount vs. a boxed recipe. I wanted to try 12 new recipes for dinner. Paul and I eat the SAME things over and over - I have a very bland diet and he is Italian. Enuf said! The rest is pretty much self-explanatory and for the most part = FUN!

I even made a desktop background for my computer to remind me of my goals - since I like cool looking backgrounds, I thought I'd try to make this look fun and stimulating, all the while piercing my brain with my goals staring at me in my face!

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