Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baking via Recipe

Since welcoming the KitchenAid to our home a couple weeks ago, I've been playing with lots of flour and yeast and everything that goes in between that! First up, Brian and Paul made homemade beer a couple weekends ago, and they had a ton of the spent grains left over. Curiously I asked, I wonder what you can do with these grains and Brian said he'd seen people mention they've made bread from it, out on the home brew forums.

So, I went online and looked for bread recipes using spent grains and I found a few that looked pretty good. Since I was just starting my venture into bread-land. I thought I should try something easy. I found this recipe here and used this recipe with no modifications. I didn't make the loaves artisan style, rather I put them in small loaf pans. I shared one loaf with friends and saved one for us.

**If I used this recipe again, I'd use more grains than it calls for, I'd cook the loaves a little longer and I'd like to put some oats on the top. I thought the taste was pretty good. I'd give it an A.

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