Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Abigail says *MEOW*

Morning! Abigail says *MEOW* - which translates to *HELLO* in human! LOL!!! Well, the sun is shining, the weather says it should be close to 50* today - seems like a good day to me!

Seriously...nothing exciting going on in my life today thus far...but then it is only like 10 am - sounds like time to SIMPLIFY and get off the computer and on the exercise bike before I have to leave in an hour for work!

Have you seen CARS (Walt Disney/Pixar movie)?? It has to be, by far, the most AWESOME animated movie I have seen in a long time - well...since Finding Nemo anyways! I love the story line, I love cars and well, I love a lesson learned! I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already!

OH, and Paolo...THANKS for the comments! YOU ROCK DUDE!

Good day, my friends!

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