Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OK, I wanted to share an interesting picture for altered items! I took a pic of this at my Chiro's office - it's a scrabble board with the tiles glued down and then framed! I am so going to make one of these! (Of course, I did ask for Scrabble for Xmas and I was expecting the old school one so I could do this, and Paul bought a really nice collector's edition! There went that idea!!! LOL!!!)

Is there a WRONG time to jam to Metallica? It's like just about 9am, and I have it cranked! If you have XM radio, I totally envy you! I have a free version on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), but they have an all Metallica station! LOVE IT! I can't complain about the free version, but I can't like, take it with me!

You see, I grew up loving Metal bands, hair bands and the like (80's mostly!) I even had my senior pics done with my cool Levi's jean jacket with patches all over it, a Metallica wall flag hanging in the background, ripped jeans, blah blah blah.....totally COOL! Of course my mom also made me do *nice* pics as well, where I had to dress up, hair nice, makeup...OH THAT WAS SO 16 YEARS AGO!

When I go to my friend Kevin and Kathie's house, out in Ohio, we ALWAYS watch "Binge and Purge" - basically hours and hours of Metallica live performances all over the world. OMG, we get a few brews in us and then before you know it, Kath is head banging and playing the air drums, I play the air guitar, Kevin sings! FUN TIMES! FUN TIMES!


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jennifer said...

ya gotta love scrabble! that's actually pretty cute...all framed up. my siblings and i have had some competitive scrabble games into the wee hours before! anyway, happy day - your new friend!