Thursday, January 4, 2007

The edge of reason...

I've been on edge all day. I don't know why. When I get edgy, my brain goes to "I want to smoke mode" and well, we all know that I wouldn't dare put 5 months of cigarette sobriety at risk for the joy of smoking one icky cigarette! This too shall pass, Tanya! I'm grumpy, I have a lot of things cluttering up my mind...most of which are things out of my control.

On the lighter side of things before my day went to crap, I joined a new Circle Journal group! Fortunately for me, there were a couple gals from Mass. in the group. I have really been trying to branch out and meet people that are in the Boston area. I've been here for almost 18th months and I still don't have any friends to speak of. I mean, friends that I hang out with, do things with, have things in common with, yada yada. 2 gals in the CJ already messaged me and one invited me over this weekend to scrap. I WAS SO EXCITED! Unfortunately, the Chiefs are playing the Colts this Saturday in the play-offs and I can't miss that game!

I also want to mention that I was able to see our new Governor, Deval Patrick being sworn into office today on TV. So overwhelming and emotional! Wishing I could have been there down at the State House, but unfortunately I had some really important stuff at work that I needed to attend to.

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