Wednesday, January 3, 2007


3 days into the new year and I'm already overwhelmed with a lot of things in my head!

...I honestly wish I were a better self-starter, I'd have gone a different path in college (a more artistic one) and followed through with my dream of working in a studio of sorts from home. Sometimes I wish I were a graphic artist who has a great computer studio at home, where I take direction over the phone and get work done in a flash and enjoy a walk in the park everyday, knowing I am accomplished. Then there are days that I wish I were really artistic (I can't even really draw stick people, okay?!?) and had a studio where I splash paint all over a canvas and play a little and call it art and it sold for a lot of money and I was a household name. Then the biggy one is where I am a really great photographer and I have a studio in my home, where I take all of the pictures, develop, print and sell my photography. Like Ansel Adams, everyone has one of my pieces framed in their home!

OKAY, back to reality, Tanya! HEY, I believe you gotta *dream* once in a while or you'll go nuts inside. I have always been able to let go of some regrets by *dreaming them through and through* - which is a lot of the reason I tend to dwell on things too much. I'm dwelling right now, yes, I know.

Hey, it's suppose to be 56* today in Boston...What the heck is going on here!?!?!?!?!? Here's to wishing I could skip work and stay home and be creative today!

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paolo said...

Hi Tanya-

this post made me think the following: the only "right" path for you to become what you dream are all the detours that you take to get there.

Think and Do, and in your own way, you will become who you want to be.