Sunday, January 14, 2007


OK, so my selfish self had to go back to Old Navy and buy more stuff on sale!


9 pairs of pants
8 shirts
7 hats
2 scarves
1 pair of slippers
1 coat
10 gift boxes
1 cool magnet!

$113.00 - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Lucky me, since winter is just getting started here in New England, I have a ton of new pants and shirts to wear! What's even cooler, is that like 5 of the new pants I got are those ones that double as a pair of capri's if you roll them up! SCHWING!

OK and thanks to Emily Falconbridge (I read her blog daily) - I was checkin' out the links she has on her blog. You know, like the favorites and stuff...well this site Pandora Internet Radio
is SUPER COOL! I love music and I get bored quick of stations that play the same 10 song playlist over and over and over again! (Excluding Metallica - could listen to them all day!) But I like a wide range of tunes and well, you start by selecting a fav. band and then this website selects music that caters to your liking based on the 1 band you put in there and then develops a list of music you like. I am so excited! I tend to lean a lot towards house/electronica/dance music and there are no stations that don't have a repeating songlist. Anyways...wanted to pass this along!! (As if I had some kind of fan base reading my blog! LOL!!!)

Let's see....what else is new.... Um, panic is starting to set in a bit as the Pats take on the Chargers out in San Diego right now. I can't even bare to look until at least after half-time! We're suppose to get ice/sleet/snow starting tomorrow! Well by golly, I'll be warm! I have a new coat and a scarf and 7 different new hats I can wear!

Hey, so I was checkin' out my site stats and there is actually quite a few peeps that read my blog, which is cool considering it's really in its infancy...please comment and say HI, tell me where you're from and link me to your blog or somewhere so I can come say HI!

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