Monday, January 22, 2007


Check out my little birdie! I have no idea what has come over me to want to make a stuffed bird! I went to Joann's Fabric yesterday and picked up some quilt squares so that I had a variety to play with and I came home, drew up a pattern on paper and went with it. Of course it needs some fine tuning (OR NOT!!!)...but I believe I have found "simplicity and peace" when making these birds.

Anyways - it's Monday - the day after the Pats lost to the Colts, the day I have to go back to work after a great relaxing weekend, the day they said we'd get a little snow (like an inch...hey! Any snow is GREAT snow!!!) and the day I got back on the treadmill and bike. I feel great, really! I challenge myself to do this again at least 4 more times this week! (Tomorrow will be a pressing challenge, as I have at least a 45 min. commute for a meeting and I should leave by 10am - which means I have to be up and out of bed by 8, get my coffee/internet fix in by 9, get on the treadmill and bike for 30 minutes total and then get in the shower and bust out the door at least by 10:00-10:15am! One NEVER knows what the traffic holds in Boston at that time in the morning! It's a total crap shoot!

But for's time for me to go get ready for work! (I {HEART} going to work at noon!!!)

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