Saturday, January 20, 2007

Old Navy Part III

Guess where I went again today! OLD NAVY! I had to exchange a sweater I had bought last week. Am I the only person that finds something I like and then sets it down and takes one like at the bottom of the pile? Well, I did that last week with this particular sweater and I ended up not paying attention to the correct size! I've done that at Walmart like when buying an electronic gadget or something and the one I take from the back is usually dysfunctional! I think this is a sign to stop doing this!

Um, I am Old Navy worn-out! I have managed to buy a COMPLETE new wardrobe plus some and I can't bare to go back and look at clothes no more! I picked up a couple more scarves (less OCD knitting I have to do) and a couple sweaters and more shirts to go with the umpteen pairs of pants I bought last weekend! I'm all set!

My second compulsive shopping place is Bath & Body Works! I've loaded up on enough body lotion, body spray, shower gel, and exfoliant to start my own shop! For enlightenment purposes, I played with photographing bottles of lotion and stuff, today! Actually, I am trying to get used to my new Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR camera...and playing with settings.

Here is some playful pictures:

Here is a playful painting I did - for the Ali Edwards challenge on picking one word. Mine was SIMPLICITY, but *simple* works, too!

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