Friday, January 19, 2007

Where did the snow go?

I SWEAR it was snowing last night! I drove home in it! I mean, it wasn't a full fledged snowing happening....when I went to bed, it appeared to be raining...I couldn't tell because, well, I just couldn't see far enough to the street light to compare what was falling near it!

My mom is getting pounded right now in Las Cruces, NM!!!! NEENER! They rarely get snow, except up high on the mountain tops. Some friends of mine are getting nailed in Clovis, NM...where I used to live...where it rarely snowed and winter was pretty nice for the most part! I moved back up north for a reason!!!!! (Yes, I'm slightly NUTS!)

WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING NAILED IN NEW ENGLAND? It's a shame! I was ever so depressed over the holidays with no snow and 50*+ weather, but please let me have my fix for the last few months of winter we have left!

Well, I'm off to work here shortly - I'll watch it try to snow from my office window!

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